About me and my photography

My way of seeing photograph: I love emotions

I feel at ease when I succeeded in hiding among the crowd and stealing some life’s instants on the

sensor. I like events’ reportage: I would be happy if my pics could tell a story.

The artlessness and the spontaneity of people’s expressions are the key point of my

photographic research. I enjoy thinking that, in a few years time, when people will look at my

pictures, they will be able to relive those situations and to feel again the same emotions or, at least,

Beyond the expressiveness of the faces, I really like lingering before h

ands’ gesture and little

details such as an handkerchief in the breast pocket of a jacket, a pin or a letter in one’s hands.

I am Daniela and I was born in Parma in 1990 but I have been living in Florence for two years.

Photography has always been part of my life; when I was little I loved being photographed by my

father and I was fascinated when, hidden behind his Konica TC with roll, he tried to draw my gaze.

There was no events in which I hadn’t my little compact Fujifilm with which I


documenting my friends’ birthdays and school trips.

Once at university, just “documenting” was not enough for me so I decided to save some money in

order to buy my first Reflex and I expended a great deal of time studying photographic techniques.

Pic after pic my way of seeing the world has been transformed; I started to notice objects and

gazes to which I have never given importance before.