My name is Daniela Nizzoli and I am a professional wedding photographer based in Tuscany, I love traveling and photographing couples from all over Italy and from all around the world.

Photography it’s about choices: you decide what to include in your own pictures

My photos reflect my personality: I am a simple girl, spontaneous and especially empathic.

Empathy is my great strength: I can easily create a bond with people, which allows me to photograph them under a new special li

I was born in Parma in 1990 and I succeeded in Classical Studies at High School, while growing up with a passion for photography, even at amateur level.

On school trips, as well as at friends’birthday parties, I was always there, holding my camera and ready to capture everything that happened. I always felt like the world of photography has always been the place I belong to.

Once arrived at the University feel like the only “documenting” was no longer sufficient, so I bought my first reflex and started to study the photographic technique.

Only in 2015, after moving to Tuscany to follow my heart, I opened my business as a professional photographer: since that moment I have worked hard to train myself and to offer the best services in terms of digital result and print on Fine Art paper, which I consider the most important talent of a good photographer.