♥Mili and Sid – Couple Photoshoot in Florence♥

I’m so excited to start my english blog with this photoshoot, wich i’m going to tell you.

They are Mili and Sid, a couple of wedding destination photographers from Los Angeles that came in Florence in late May and decided to make a gift to themself namely a couple photoservice in one of the most beautiful city of Italy.

At the beginning it would be a service at sunset, but they asked me it I was willing to wake up early to get it during the dawn.

We woke up incredibly early, but it is really worth it.

The first part of shooting was done at the Hotel were they were staying, Hotel Torre di Bellosguardo; for the second part Sid drove his car and went down in the Lungarno Torrigiani area to park and walk to the center.

The Hotel Torre di Bellosguardo has a really lovely garden with pool and from wich you can enjoy a wonderful view of Florence.

Florence dawn is really wonderful: there is a soft light and almost no one around you that may disturb you while you’re taking service.

I was really impressed to have PonteVecchio only for us and I has fun to see Mili who run, humped when she was photographed.

I was really pleased to be chosen by colleagues for a photoshoot and I hope to do the same if i were ever going to Los Angeles.

Thank you Federico of StudioFotograficoBacci  for have done the second shooter for me.

If you too are interested , curious and want to know more please feel free to fill out the forum below : I will be happy to answer all your questions .


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